What makes your life interesting?

Are you satisfied with how you live your life right now? 

I’m not but I can’t tell what’s wrong. I wish for something more, even though I don’t know exactly what, but a change can never be bad, right?

 So, then I think, as you might have at one point too, what is it that I want to change. Where do I start and how to tackle a change most efficiently? 

Actually, many people and authors have made up new strategies to be more relaxed, more conscious and all those things. I was always magnetized by them. I am the person who wants to wake up at am and do exercises, be creative, be grateful and kind and at the same time accomplish every day with success. All these words have been used already in so many different contexts. Some are overused maybe and readers/listeners roll their eyes when hearing them because it seems to be all the same. Self- improvement may be the key word here, but experiencing happiness is not only caused by self-improvement. The opposite migt be the case. Perfection does not lead to happiness. 

Self-Help does not always help 

 Each goal you want to achieve may it be better health, social goals or creativity is connected to the same procedures: wake up early, eat healthy food, exercise and so on. I do that – at least I try to most of the times and still it is not the essence of what makes a better life. To me, it includes also well spend time with loved ones and moments or days that are uncommon or special compared to normal days. Each one has his/her own picture or memory of what lets their heart go faster or makes them smile. 

And experimenting with things that are uncommon to us, might get us closer to ourselves and just create new experiences, new memories with rejections but also with affectations.  

We all know already many challenges, things we should do and not and I think it could be fun to try out some of them or just actions we usually don’t do or aim to do but can’t. 

It doesn’t have to be big thing with much effort but smaller routines or gestures that are braided into your everyday life can have an impact already. 

I have many things I aim to pursue a more balanced lifestyle, but doing everything at once is not the solution. Infact excessively hunting after the next point on a to-do list drives us rather into a burn-out than into contentment. 

I look on my to-do list and see that on the very top there is written – write thirty minutes every day. Well, right now I am satisfying my inner being with writing this piece. This is not so easily done at some days, but then again it is important to not drop the wish and keep trying. We are really lazy sometimes but remember the feeling after having accomplished something – It feels fantastic right? Especially if we are in a so called “flow” we don’t

anything else around us and are able to be completely present at what we do. This state requires good concentration. In my everyday life the “flow” does not appear very often.

Call yourself to action, right? 

I open my phone, the recent book and I’m reading: Think of, how you want your story to be and what could make it interesting.It is another book about the Self, but the question is glued to my thoughts. What could I do to make my story more interesting? 

Run away, leave everything behind and just do something that no one not even myself would have expected, I laugh about myself, how ridiculous. But then again, how often have we regretted not having done something? What kept us from doing so? In my case, it is just stupid and as I am compelled to my duties it is not realistic. Additionally, my parents would kill me.  

Ask yourself

Anyway, I still believe that we can make our life more attractive to a reader and to us as readers through small changes. That also means that as individual as we are, so are our changes. Each one must come up with own ideas that could cherish our life. Of course, we can use tips and strategies from authors and so on but not all of them apply to us. Not every one optimizes his lifestyle by running a marathon or journalling. This is the hard part, because therefore we have to know ourselves, conclusively we have to get to know ourselves if we aren’t completely conscious of our cravings and characteristics. 

So, then write it down:  what is your intention?  What are your wishes?                             What do you want to put emphasis on in your day? What did you neglect? 

Yet, here lies the fun of trying out something that may seem challenging or at first difficult to manage. So with setting up a new habit or a new routine a new action we can learn more about ourselves and have a little bit more variety in our daily life.