What is your highlight of the day?

I have stumbled upon a great book called “Make Time” by  Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky Where I found many useful tips to which I will refer later. One of the first hints stated there is setting up a daily highlight. By then, my days mostly didn’t have any highlights. Every day seemed the same with just all the same routine. Though, I thrived  to include some pleasurable activities, it didn’t work out. One highlight a day was the essentiality here. First I thought, how to choose one thing if I want to do so many things on one day. One action or aim to be the most important that day, seemed unimaginable to me, but the first day I tried it out, I was thrilled. I remember it was “taking time to paint” and I set up that time and really enjoyed it. 

It’s all about defining your highlight either in the morning or evening before. It has to be clearly stated and connected to a certain time. That time is precious and shall be used most effectively. Of course sometimes it’s just not possible to follow the plan if something spontaneous gets in the way. This is however not the end of the world. Every day is a new challenge a new opportunity to start all over or continue with a highlighted idea. With every day I learn to be intentional and mindful at the things I do.

highlight of the day?

So then, choose your highlight! Maybe it helps, to first write down all the priorities you have and then set up a hierachrchy. This might be quite hard, but it can really help focusing on certain things you want to improve like relationships, family or career. 

In my list of 6 to 7 priorities are found the terms, personal growth and mindfulness.  

For many months already I get told from all kinds of sources how beneficial mindfulness and meditation is, so I really want to improve on that. It really calms one down in a rushing world like we live in, but as we are all part of that tremendously fast life, it becomes really hard to concentrate only on breathing or the present moment with all sensations. 

Now that I write it, I aim to meditate every day for at least 15 min and I will reflect on this challenge exactly next week. 

I suggest, to really write down your aim and review on how it went after a week. For a little progress in what you do, it is crucial to work on what you want to do and block time for that thing. 

action ideas

There are many small things you can do, depending on how realistic and possible it is.

Take a walk in your pause or your free time, preferably surrounded by trees. If it doesn’t fit into your schedule go out for a walk on Sundays. 

Move. This is so important and no one can repeat it more often. Sure, it’s nice to lay on the couch all day, but every day shall not be a day in which you haven’t stretched or moved your body. 

Being intentional with how you speak and behave in public and with friends and family is super important. It doesn’t only make their day better but also yours. You do not have to be super kind if you don’t feel like it, but spreading hatred and resentment will not make it better for anyone. 

And if someone started (as little kids like to say) this isn’t a reason to react in the same way even if impulsively we do. Everyone does. But if we pause for a moment and think that we don’t want to continue with this never ending cycle of hate and meanness, we can make a change. 

Of course this is not all of it. These are just some ideas and examples of thousand more, but some are just really important no matter what you thrive. Making your bed every morning, is one these things. Never underestimate such small acts.