Dear Emma,

The fact that you are doing a great work and fight for many great things doesn’t need any explanation. This is not the only reason why you are like a role model to me. I could have written to anyone but since my childhood (yes, from the beginning of Harry Potter) I was amazed by your strength, your character and your fierceness, as I would put it, but at the same time being so gentle and kind-hearted. All these traits I wanted to improve as well. I wanted to be taken seriously but at the same time don’t appear snappy or mean. When I once was asked with whom I would like to have dinner to get in touch, you were the first person that came to my mind – before any dead philosopher or author! I still imagine and dreamt of talking to you in person to just chat, exchange ideas and opinions because since your values seem to be similar to mine, I would love to get advice for anything from you. Also, I seem to not be able to get it from people around me or maybe it is not to the degree I wished. 

 I have turned eighteen now and I’m in my last year of high school. Doesn’t sound interesting and it isn’t at all. But I want to make the time after remarkable. I need a sparkle, that interesting side of life and I’m constantly trying to find projects that keep my reality more satisfying. With time passing I need to make decisions especially concerning profession and studying. Often adults told me: „Ah you have a lot of time, don’t worry!“ and even if it relieved me for a moment, I knew that someday which won‘t be so far away, I would have to make decisions. I know that I love writing, other cultures, traveling and am concerned about politics and society. I want to change something in this world, maybe the way people use to think and see several issues.

 Since I have known you, you were the person who inspired me most. To me you put emphasis in all the important things and created a life that is worth living. From outside this all seems so perfect, but I’m sure you went through tough times and also needed to make hard choices. Still, you seem to be content with the path you took and the point you’re at now. 

When did you make the decision to work professionally for feminism and in politics? How did you find your way into it? When I was 15 I did an art research project about feminism and then bit by bit the idea of building something big crystallized. People asked me how I came to the intention doing so with “only” 15 years. To me it felt slightly insulting as if a 15 year old girl couldn’t care about feminist politics. From then on I learned a lot about it and luckily crossed paths with issues and interested engaged people many times. I know that I don’t want to drop my interest and empowerment for gender equality. Also for some years, I extended my concerns to environmental protection and social injustice. I am constantly occupying myself with issues I try to handle, but this can’t be done for the rest of my life, right? 

The thing is I don’t know what to study, what profession or aim to pursue and as I count you as my kind of role model I have hoped to find a hint with you. 

Studying English literature you assumingly did it out of interest since you love reading. Atill I wonder why you have taken literature. Was it helping you to  write speeches or to just raise self- intellect? You could choose anything you’d like and you didn’t turn your back regarding acting and still engaging in politics. What is your life plan? Do successful people have something like that? Enjoy now, I tend to tell myself but thinking about the future is inevitable. Actually, I am just hoping that fate and paths of different people will take me to a place I feel content and worth putting energy into.

Is it really that we have to fulfill others expectations? Not necessarily of special people but of social expectations that we identify as our owns? So what if my actual dream is not to make a lot of money but still appreciate the treats life has to offer, just that I need to pay taxes and rent somehow. Perfect, if I would know what to professionally aim, feel a sense about and at the same make a living on it. You didn’t know what you want to do right? Most people don’t, I think. Once a counselor at our school told me „You don’t have to now who to become now“ she seemed more certain than I am. Studying what I like will not bring me much further because I like doing so many things and sticking to creative things makes me afraid to end up on the street. I guess I shall just calm done once again and let things come just as I said. Still, collecting advice and opinions about such things we all have to think about – like What I want my life to be like? 

What are doing right know? Busy on the run to your next meeting or are you having a relaxed phase currently?

I greet you warmly with the warmth that can be found in no place better than our hearts


Even if you are not Emma Watson I would be interested in your point of view nonetheless, so feel free to comment your thoughts and ideas 🙂