A Mantra worth pursuing

It’s February the second month in which resolutions might not find such an echo in our minds and schedule. For me, meditation appeared to be a really challenging habit, but even admitting this now, being aware of the situation and working on it, makes it better than just dropping everything intended.

Some weeks ago I added a mantra to my day that I try to repeat every morning – best would be several times during the day. Using sentences or just short words or collocations helps refocus the mind and shifts the thinking from outer judgement to inner reconsideration. Of course, this is admittedly hard if you are being confronted negatively or feeling a strong emotional absorption. But taking just a free moment, the time before eating a meal or just after waking up to recall a mantra, makes you much more aware of your behaviour and your thinking.

Do not however expect wonders, it takes time and a lot of self- awareness. I cannot say of myself that I have accomplished this state and even meditating (after having neglected it for some days) feels like starting from the beginning. 

The mantra I use for some days is 

May  I be aware of what I say, what I think and what I eat. 
May I be aware of the words that come from my mouth and the thoughts that may arise.