Why Valentine’s Day sucks

Someone wrote me some months ago that I should post something about love. The message sounded much like “You are a girl you must have written something about love, why not share it ?“ maybe that is a bit exaggerated but I got the point, even though I know many boys who also write about love. They can totally share their stories as well. Love is not a one sided issue dropped to the female sex, just to mention by the way. 

So as today is Valentine’s Day (not for long but still) I want take that as an occasion to share some thoughts. 

One point I may have scrapped on in the last sentences in saying that love and showing love is not a one sided case. If you have seen or heard women doing something for people they love, I am really glad because I didn’t come across that. I just wanted to make that clear. 

My most important concern addressed the day itself because every time I saw a boy with a red rose in his hand, I thought, he could do that on any other day too. Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean roses shall be gifted every day. But you can show that you care about people you love with small actions. You can also just pick a day yourself to surprise your love by picking him/her up from work. Besides, this would be even more surprising and have an intense effect than doing something on a day everyone does something. 

To me Valentine’s Day in our modern society feels more like a subtle duty to gift something or be super romantic. You can be romantic every day! If you may remember, Valentine’s Day is not the only day, think of Mother’s or Father’s Day and the love you showed them on the 364 other days of the year. Let’s rethink that. Small acts of love and compassion are the things that lead to connectedness, a better relation and an inner well-being, not to mention that you lift someone else’s mood and yours!

By the way, the story of Valentine refers to a secret love that was unpermitted. Actually this day is taken to offer your secret valentine that you appreciate him/her/it, without having opened yourself before. At least this was the case when I was in elementary school. 

Please share your opinion on that if you have any thought, it would be a pleasure to read them.