What is left to do now?

Currently we encounter ourselves in a very special position, that’s nothing new, but next to all those depriving issues we have the possibility to take a step back and reflect on what we miss – and what we don’t lack at all. „It’s a caesura”, tells me author Eva Lezzi. That means we have a turning point, a time we pause and are able to rethink how we live and behave. Now, when the majority of our public life fades, we can crystallise our values. What to we occupy ourselves with in these days? What let’s us forget about everything? We recognise also, what we miss most – friends, togetherness and kindness. The little things apart from everyday life are now cheering us up because of slowing down everything we can begin to sensibilize on what is around us and who we are. 

„Occupy yourselves with something else! Read something different and consider how much you want to absorb about that crisis”, tells us our teacher on our last school day. He is completely right, we get crazy otherwise! After all, panicking is not helpful right now and in general. We can only wait and try to be in the present as far as possible.

Meditation helps me for example, just breathing consciously and observing ones thoughts.

It is only human-like to worry about the future – we are predisposed for it and we are the only species who does that. Maybe it helps someone to think that nearly everyone has the same shoes on right now or to be precise, finds oneself in the same unknown position. Many of my friends and I work on our to-do-lists. You can write one as well! One maybe for all the things you want to do when this is all over and another for all the things you have maybe neglected and want to do now.

Take time and write a list about what is important to you, what do you think of most often? 

We have a pause and it is time to clean and declutter your room, clean the windows, sew or knit something, have a movie night with the family, play games, read books, that have been waiting already, craft with old magazines, care for plants. The German magazine GEO has sampled some museums that can be visited virtually! I have been in South Korea and Mexico already. You see, there are numerous options and social media offers many creative ways to spend your time. Just do not get lost in social networks and look how other people spend their life for hours.