Don’t forget about your best buddy, or he/she will kill you.

We have time, don’t we have? We have time to think and dream, think of our dreams. During a walk in which I encountered so much left alone waste and so many things that must have belonged someone. They were all spread among the greens that we appreciate blooming right now. Not only we enjoy the time we can spend outside more than ever, we also get to feel that this is our only escape now. Where else can we go (if we are allowed to go outside)? Parks and just something greenish is our soothing for this time and we treat them literally like the last – well, you can insert anything that comes to your mind.

In times of crisis – and I mean the climate catastrophe, it is not possible to close our eyes and simply say that we don’t care right now, or at all. Climate and our earth cannot wait. They just don’t say, ‚Oh, you have a pandemic? Well, okay than we just pause nature for some years‘

The only way to live is to live with nature. In harmony, as if we would swim in the ocean, we have to go with the sea. Going against the waves will kill you and the same goes for our climate.

I feel my heart bleeding when I see crap laying beneath a path in a beautiful park. Once I called through my neighbourhood hunting for beautiful places to photograph – on a little lake with ducks dipping their heads into the water, I noticed a bright green leaf on the surface. As I came near it turned out a plastic bag, I was shocked.. Though, why should I be shocked, such cruelty is seen everywhere and it doesn’t stop with people being quarantined. Latex gloves and face masks are now filling the scenery. Human beings can be such brats.

I had hope and I still don’t want to drop my faith in this humanity.

We all want the same, why don’t we work on the same? We want to live a long happy life, why not strive for this together?! we don’t even have to communicate frequently or talk with every person about what we want to do, we just have to do all the same – save the planet.

In the next few weeks I want to set up a list, a guide to live a life in harmony with our planet. So, subscribe! Because this is the most important symbiosis – yes, the planet can also profit from our existence, but not mainly. We have to see our planet as a friend, we wouldn’t let a friend down.

It is too late to undo things, the damage we have caused – each of us, me included. But to continue with this, is not the right pathway. Eating a whole chocolate box doesn’t justify eating another box just because you have eaten the first already.

Think of what you do, I know that all human beings have never pulled together, but this, the climate, Mother Earth, it’s about all of us. When we die, we all die. The countries with an already increased level of natural catastrophies will be hit earlier, but we are all affected by this suffering as this is a globalised world.

Do something, please, and in case you don’t know what to do, read and educate yourself. Listen to advice of climate scientists and follow me into process of nature- approving lifestyle.