#1 Stop wasting – what?

What can we do to feel better at home? And with this I don’t mean in our house only but the living thing that surrounds us the moment we leave the door behind. The earth. Nature! Every little bit of organic tissue. This is our second home and we treat it like sh**t. Why?!

Everytime I go out for a walk I see tons of waste laying everywhere and I wonder – how does this came here? Was it a nice evening of friends who sat on the grass until the early morning and forgot to take their waste with them? About tins you can be very creative, I guess, because I have no idea how they found their way into parks and beside water. Maybe we just cannot handle where we take our waste, where it is kept until it is – what? Burned? Moved to another place, another country to be burned there? Or really recycled? Recycled goods are still making up only a little part of all the disposals.

It is time to observe our way of throwing away and consuming plastic and other packages. I talked with a friend of mine about it. He lives almost completely plastic free and I am quite impressed by such effort. This is possible, I think. It takes a little effort, it takes thoughts and new behaviour. But it makes your life much better than before!

Let’s think first. In order to reduce waste in the environment we can help clean the places we visit.

Second we can make other people aware if they have thrown something beneath the path. This is not appropriate, in any case. May it be your mother or a stranger, this is just not acceptable. Never.

Third thing is, we can reduce the amount of waste we produce in order to limit the total contamination. Yes, your household counts and not only the waste you produce at home, but also the one you don’t notice because „It’s just one coffee to-go or just a take-away“. All of this counts, because each person counts who produces waste as well as each person counts who tries to eliminate it.

Besides, you will feel so much lighter without all those packages, just imagine your fridge or cupboard without plastic. Plus, you will have less fuss about always disposing the waste.

The first step forward for this is being aware of the amount of waste you produce right now, even if you are just reading or checking something – maybe you have ordered something online, or have went for groceries.

1. Choose wisely the moment you enter a store

My family is always astonished how much plastic they have to remove after they came from a store because so many fruits and vegetables are packed once or even twice into plastic and different kinds of other wrapping. Next time, think about how much plastic is really indispensable – often it’s 100%.

2. Make glass your friend

Even if it is not the best alternative, like an experienced friend of mine said, it is still a better option than plastic. Even worse, are Tetra-Packs because they have multiple layers that cannot be recycled. So, don’t be afraid to use glass jars for everything! It doesn’t only look fabulous, it also has a longer lasting life than a plastic jar/box.

3. Water should be water – not plastic

If you buy water, you buy the plastic with it ( if you purchase plastic bottles). Otherwise, you buy glass bottle, but as I said, glass is a high expenditure of energy. Therefore, having your own bottle saves you money and waste, plus it will help Mother Earth. However, you should check out how contaminated your tap water is – I know that in India and South American countries it is not much possible, but in Germany you can be sure to drink clean water from the tap! Also, there are filters available like from BRITA or similiars that cleanse your water even more! Some years ago, I bought myself a bottle from Nalgene which I still use and really like, if you choose your own, make sure it’s BPA free, the best ones are made of Tritan.

As far as I can think right now, these are basically the most essential points to consider and change. Please let me know in the comments what you would like to add or have in mind. If you have any question, also feel free to message, I will gladly respond! 

Keep yourself in good mental and physical shape! Namaste!