A love letter to Elizabeth Gilbert

For those of you who may not know her, Elizabeth is the author of „Eat, Pray, Love“ (2006) and „Big Magic“ (2016). She also gave many talks about anxiety, creativity, curiosity and writing. I really much recommend you to listen to her TEDTalks if you haven’t done so far. To me, she has become a significant person in my life, pitifully such great personalities are not reachable for others, that is why I want to share this letter with not only Elizabeth.

Dear Elizabeth, 

Have you ever thought how much influence you would have on thousands of people? Have you ever thought that you would be so important to a 19-year-old girl? 

Well you are, and I am so thankful for your existince and your genuine honest personality that gives me so much strength and hope. With giving yourself the ease from your own anxiety you soothe so many people, including me. And even this  act is something I learned from – offering my own healing to the world, so people could heal, too. 

I remember when I first saw Julia Roberts walking through the streets of Rome in the movie “Eat Pray Love”. I was in love with this movie, and even more with the idea of leaving everything behind to just appreciate life. Only later, I read the novel and got to know you, Elizabeth. 

You were the first person I knew back then who made the right decision, the decision to escape this wheel and live truly. This is my life’s goal, I would say, I want to not just exist but to see what the world can offer me, though yet I have not made a radical change and had this kind of eat-pray-love-moment. I am very much concerned with all these issues apart from it it – where do I get the money from? What am I going to do? What if something happens to me? – This reminded me very much of your own described anxiety. I am so astonished that you seemed to me like a very determined, self-confident personality and only while reading/ listening (was even better) ” Big Magic”, it occurred to me that you are as vulnerable and anxious as I am. Your metaphor of keeping fear in the back seat, I liked very much. 

It is something that I try to realize though of course fear sometimes takes over the wheel. 

Only recently I have listened to your advice you give yourself by love and this I try to weave into my own struggles because I feel that I lack love. And I can’t seem to give it to myself.. 

It totally shifted my perspective when you said, we shall see this current time as a retreat because I have wanted to visit an ashram for so many years already and still hope I will get the chance to. The thing is just that I feel like I cannot experience the peace and safety at home that I would like to. I am not begging for advice, but if you have some I am not rejecting it. Writing has been my savior sometimes but you speak out of my mind when you explain how exhausting and challenging it can be. 

I am a passionate writer myself and in times when I judge myself and criticize what I did or rather not did, namely writing, it helped me to think of your calmness. At the same time you kept me going. I seem to have dedicated my life to writing and I really much wish ( like million others, I guess) to make a living out of it. 

At least it is a hope I don’t want to let go of.

I am so so glad that you encouraged me just in the right moments. In any moment actually because your stories and experience were exactly what I needed and still need. You don’t know how deeply it is my wish to be able to write as good and professional as you and your fellow authors and I know it is a progress that will never end. I want to make writing and speaking up my superpower to make this world a better place. As you write about the magic of ideas, I wondered what to do if you want an idea so deeply or that you feel that there is one hiding inside you but not coming to your consciousness. I feel that so often. It’s like being resistant to ideas, though I want them so much to arise. And if one arises, I feel like I am speechless and unable to put it into words. 

I am so glad to have a person like you to look up to. Thank you for putting in your personality into Big Magic and all your other writings and talks. 

I just want to let you know that I see you as my mentor because you’re exactly the person who I think of when I don’t know what to do. I want to let you know that you help me so much through your writings and your calm voice. 

I hope you will live a long wonderful life, I send you all my love with this letter and wish you peace and contentment.