#2 Go vegan – or not? 5 helpful tips to become vegan!

Why is it of any matter if I am not consuming meat when everyone else around me does? I often asked myself this question and also got asked about similar issues.

The reason is, if I don’t comply the demand of this particular market of meat and dairy products, for example, and other people join me in this, we can decrease the consumption of meat and thus its demand. When the demand declines, the whole production process will diminish as well! This is the goal! And it is in fact reachable – it will not become reachable, if people hold the opinion that it is not worth or not possible to attain such a state then of course this won’t work. So, we have to pull together and treat animals as living beings – not as good that can be produced like fabric.

If you want to dive deeper into this topic I recommend you the very thoughtful philosophical book A Plea for Animals by Mathieu Ricard. There, he illustrates the compassion we can offer to animals and how we can connect ourselves deeper with other species in a very special way.

This is not the only reason to make this change. Another benefit is that your wallet will thank you and you will be able to save money or spend it for other nice things. The argument that a vegan diet is much more expensive is overrated. This is only the case if you buy plenty of „superfoods“. There are super nutritious foods that do not cost a fortune and are still vegan, so watch out and save your money. Comparing the kilo price for meat to tofu, we can conclude that tofu is barely half the price of beef, for example, that averages 12 euros per kilo.

A vegan lifestyle will not only benefit the environment but also your skin and health. Especially, if you feel like hormones of cow milk make you feel less energized or make your skin redden, then it’s definitely time to try out different food.

Here are some tips to help you make the shift:

1. Take small steps towards your goal. You don’t have to change from one day to another, but having your goal in mind will help you make the right choices over time.

2. Think about alternatives. If you have the choice between a hamburger and a falafel, take the falafel. And remember – you always have a choice. However, you shouldn’t starve yourself if there is nothing vegan in sight, but this gives you a sign that you are at place that doesn’t relate with your values.

3. Choose wisely. Not every plant-based milk is better than cow milk. I have Never considered myself that almond milk is not very eco-friendly since huge amounts of bees are needed to pollinate the almond trees and only the almond tress which makes them vulnerable to diseases. Soja milk, however, which is heatedly discussed, doesn’t harm rain forests like the soja does that is grown to feed all the cattle.

4. Substitute! If you have been carnivore for a long time it seems unimaginable what to eat now. Many people think that a vegan diet consists only of fruits and vegetables, this is wrong. In fact, a vegan lifestyle offers you so many new ways to cook and opens you a whole new perspective to eating. There are thousands of recipe books that help you make the switch step by step. I have plenty of recipes that I recommend to check out on Pinterest. Nearly all of them are vegan, all of them Vegetarian. If you have favourite meals of your own, you can just substitute eggs with 1/2 banana or flax seeds in water (also see the link for Pinterest). meat can be easily substituted with tofu, tempeh or lentils for minced meat.

I have made an awesome moussaka – completely vegan.

5. Veganism is not only for riches. In fact, you are saving money when you stop buying meat and eggs. Plant-based milk is expensive for some, I admit, but you can make it soo easy on your own! Especially oat milk is made in no time. Also, you don’t have to hunt for those super expensive industrial vegan meals and groceries. This is the industry that tries to make a fortune out of a necessity. There are many products without a fancy vegan label that are vegan anyway, like kale, beet root and pumpkin. These are definitely super foods without any trend making.