Maja Lunde changed my life – The History of Bees

As I said I wanted to start presenting the books I read and have read. Maja Lunde’s „The History of Bees“ (click on the link to see the website o the novel) is one book that came to my mind first because I still remember how taken I was by her narrations of three different stories that had all to do with the same – Bees. This wonderful species is likely underestimated but with this beautiful novel illustrates how important they are for our life and our survival. Maja Lunde accomplishes to present a difficult problem with help of captivating storytelling.

I have read this book a year ago and I still remember many scenes as if I have been there.

This is part of her style, her related book „The History of Water“ is similarly – taking different personal stories to connect them to one issue. Very smart and so empowering as well.

It takes you on a journey into the past and the future and I would not say that it is only for women or only for men, or only for animal lovers. You don’t even have to like nature to love this novel.

I have read it in German, but I am sure in English it is as good as in German, originally it is written in Norwegian.

If you have read the second book, leave a comment if it as good as History of Bees! If you haven’t read any of these, still leave a comment whether you got interested or not 🙂

What kind of books do you read at the moment? And from which books you still remember scenes of?