One more day, one more page..

What can I say? There are books that you can read just out of simple joy. You shouldn’t feel guilty doing so at all from time to time.

Everything is an experience. It will be useful at some point.

So, there is literally this one book currently that I just cannot stop thinking about, it is called „ONE DAY“ by David Nicholls. You cannot find it at the current bestseller list, it is not a classic but it could be. Maybe some of you have seen the film with Anne Hathaway from 2011. That means the books is more than a decade old and hasn’t lost its remarkable character at all. I am actually not so much into reading corny love novels but this one is different.

Though, maybe I am just too subjective to say that it is not corny.. maybe it is even, but whether you like romantic literature or not, you should at least read the description.

A boy and a girl, find themselves in a bed on their day of graduation not having talked much before but getting better known in this one night. Knowing that they will be somewhere else in the following days, weeks and years. Nicholls takes the reader to the same date of graduation but in the following years, illustrating what happens to the friends. It is a story of a wonderful friendship that apparently reveals some feelings for the other one without declaring.

This novel made me laugh so hard, sometimes made me sigh or gave me the feeling to cry out – maybe I am just too emotional about it but certainly it gave me sense of normal troubles, a rush through a life just as fast how it feels in real life.

Dear David Nicholls,

Not sure how to address you, though anyway, I wanted to thank you very much for having me read your novel „One Day” ( I’m sorry for not having read read your others yet) and thereby having let me neglect my exam preparation but also this unusual time we find ourselves in. You gave me the reality I wanted to escape to, sort of, because at least the worst thing the novel thought me is to have not showed your love straight forward for decades. It is actually quite funny that I have bought this book many years ago and had started it during a bus ride at school. Six years it had spent in my bookshelf before I have reached for it some days ago and started reading, first only to distract me from a headache but then it became like a new obsession. This novel didn’t let me allow to sleep. And it still makes me feel tired every morning after a long through the years with Dex and Em. Even though, it might not sound like I had pleasure reading it, it made me feel so nice and at the same time so taken and desperate. I guess in a good way, since I have continued reading. I found myself in Emma Morley, though this is not the only thing that kept me reading on. You are so great at stopping at the most interesting points, I thought, I should tease my own readers with such delicate cliffhangers. Every time I wished you would describe the next day, you just went on to the same day of the next year. In fact, I tried to do the same – writing a letter to myself each year on the same day. It is such a nice memory, because then we can see what really may have changed and what stayed the same. I very much appreciate your style of writing and narrating. All these filming scenes, the drama and the sober disliked reality. I had never pleasure reading arguments until now because I understood that it is such an important component of our life. It was hard to see how Dexter and Emma slipped away from one another every time, though of course I know you did that on purpose, it’s great.  Thank you for such a beautiful genuine story even if you have written it long time ago. 

Yours adoringly, Kristina