Put your money where your mouth is

Thinking about duties makes you feel lazy and discouraged, just as me? Well, at least not all of them have to be exhausting or boring. Especially those big aims and things we actually should be doing for ourselves and our environment seems to be insuperable, luckily they are people who created apps to help us be more conscious in our busy life.

I stumbled across some apps that I found really interactive and helpful. One of them you might know already, the concept of the other one Is surely not new. The carbon dioxide footprint is not a new invention but a seizable number to make us aware of our abudance. It is based on many different components of our life to amount our impact on Earth.

These apps can help you stick to your goal of living life (in harmony) with nature and prevent the climate crisis to become worse (at least a little bit, but each little bit counts). It matters what you buy and do, it is your earned money that you invest into every single things you purchase.

Put your money where your mouth is.

This apps will help you do so

1. CodeCheck

This is a tool I used back in 2013 though now they have improved a lot on their data and content, which makes the app perfect to check barcodes of cosmetic products (creams, toothpastes, shampoos etc.) and at the same time uploads useful articles about a eco-friendly topics.

2. Climate Compass

This app I stumbled across just yesterday and I totally liked it. You can count how big your footprint is and see what influences the calculation. The awesome thing about it – challenges give you tips to improve on your lifestyle and try out new things! You should totally try it out!

3. eevie

This one is similar to the compass, I haven’t tried it out, but if you know something about it, leave a comment!

4. Others

If you eat fish often times, or find yourself in big supermarkets where you seem to not make out the seasonal veggie and fruits then you will love the digital seasonal calendar and the WWF fish adviser (can be found everything in your AppStore).

Have you any other suggestions? Are there things you had experienced already? Please share and leave a comment 🙂 Thank you!

Stay loving with your surroundings!