Revolutionise your thoughts first

Surely, it was hard not to take note of the racist actions that took place in the US but also all around the world. This is nothing new, nothing that occurred just now but is present for many centuries now. This doesn’t mean it should be centuries longer like this.

In fact everyday feels like pain when I relize that our society still hasn’t checked that the skin colour says nothing about ones personality.

I thought our species is smart enough to treat individuals equal – though we see that we are far away from that looking at payment of women and men, LGBTQ+ justice and of course people of colour. From an objective point of view, this is so ridiculous and silly. There is no competition for food (like in nature) and still we act as aggressively towards one another as if we were really taken away the last piece of bread.

Now with people hopefully getting opened their eyes, thanks to so many activists and public personalities, maybe racism will get less. However, I feel like this contra racism movement is not how I imagined supporting black people. It is not advertising black people, it is not about telling everyone they shall go and buy from people’s shops who are of a different race or listen to music by them or read books by them. Now, I was a bit disappointed by that because I would read books written by non-white authors not because of their appearance or origin but because I like their writing.

Anti- racism does not mean (for me) to privilege people of colour just because they are people of colour. For me it means to not make big deal out It and treat them as human beings just as we all are. And if I like music of cis white woman than that’s okay and if I also listen to songs by a Afro American singer than this is also fine. It doesn’t matter!

I remember many feminists criticising the status quo – the rule that at least a percentage of women should be working at a company. This raised the consideration that when would be employed only because they are women and not due to their abilities. I wouldn’t want this to happen for the movement that is going on now.

One more thing. When supporting the anti-racist movement it is of no use if you generalise. Not all black people are friendly and peaceful, BUT not all white people are friendly and peaceful.There are plenty of betrayers in this world people who rape, murder and mug but these people can be white AND of any other colour, they can be female or male. It doesn’t matter which age they are. Their appearance does not say anything about their personality. We are just prejudiced enough to believe that.