Little story from in between – Ayurveda day 3 + meal plan

„Why have I started this? It seems like a big mistake and I really hope that I just might get the best out of it..

These are sentences I may have thought in the past few days since my Ayurveda week challenge started. I have expected, that it would be and still is hard to manage, especially when people eating different things around you. But I didn’t imagine it being this challenging.

The funny thing is, since Monday I haven’t accomplished one whole day following all the rules of Ayurveda. I don’t want to lie here, but be completely honest that I am not super strict with that and that I seem to need a longer time to accommodate to this new kind of eating.

Also, I noticed that my mind is a bit confused with all the rules and the restricted usage of some groceries. I have never roasted cucumber before.. However, I understood the idea that you shall not mix cold foods with warm ones. Your gut gets quite irritated.

Another thing that occurred was my subtle craving for anything after a small meal or in the evening. So, eat as much as you want and do not restrict yourself anything your body seems to need even without a strong feeling of hunger.

Sometimes we need to eat after a longer time without food even if we don’t feel this rumouring of an empty stomach. You must be very attentive here because even I confuse hunger with thirst oftentimes.

You must feel what is going on in your body, inside your belly and your intestines and you can do it! With Ayurveda you start to learn listening to your inner needs and with help of this you can adjust your diet.

Eat what you seem to need.

Even if your dosha might be different than mine, I want to share my meal plan for the week. If you have any more ideas about meals and snacks, it would be so nice if you comment them below.

Eating with other people is very important, though at the same time people can also distract you from paying attention to your food. Yesterday I recognised that I ate far more without being conscious about what I ate only because I chatted with my mother during that time. It was nice, I don’t complain but as a result I ate more than I wanted.

Taking deep breaths and going inward before each meals, is also something that I had trouble with because often I just forgot or was just too hungry to wait any longer. Do you have any rituals during, before or after meal time?