Where are you lost? – Podcasts as living books

Have you heard the sentence „Podcasts are the new radio“? In fact, it could be true because so many people listen to all kinds of podcasts depending on their interests and occupations. As far as I know there is nothing that could be said against them. You can learn a new language or improve it at least, get to know more insights into a topic you are interested in, sneak into private conversation (of maybe your role models even) or listen to the news on a more specific level. There are podcasts about literally everything. Really. I have even found out that you can listen to the bible.

In this post I want to present you some of my absolutely favourite podcasts and podcasts that fit to certain occasions or activities. Surely, I don’t know of all the great podcasts out there, so I would be very glad to get to know more if you write me In the comments what you like to listen to.

When did the hype on podcasts start? I have no idea, I suppose it became mainstream some yeas ago though there are podcasters who record their content since the 2010s.

What makes podcasts so successful?

Well, not only they are a wonderful to educate yourself while you maybe have time to spend in the train or bus, you also get into the atmosphere of a casual conversation without having to contribute anything. Also, considering the pandemic, it gave me less a sense of loneliness because I had a this connectedness to human beings and „normal“ conversations.

1.The Minimalists

About these two men I have written some months ago you can read more about them and minimalism in general when clicking on the words. I enjoy their casual and comfortable conversations, at the same time they talk about important topics, such as finances, budgeting, minimalistic living and general politics.

2. TED Talks Daily

This is an absolute classic. TED means Technology, Entertainment and Design and focuses on a variety of different issues that are discussed by experts or people of experience. The speeches or rather talks can be seen as videos on their official website or on YouTube. If you prefer listening to them like me, you can find their page on apple podcasts or even Spotify.

3. Tara Brach

If meditation is a goal you want to pursue, then Tara Brach will definitely help you get closer to achieving it. With her meditation classes and talks I could ease myself in her voice and words and be able to focus best on meditating. Sometimes I can even hear her voice and her phrases when I try to calm myself. So, thank you Tara, for making my life a little easier.

4.Changeable Podcast

Dr. Amy Johnson is the host of this very deep and gentle podcast, I have started listening to a couple of weeks ago. It was when I was busy cooking that I learned some quite interesting facts about our relation to trees and how much our species is similar to nature. I am very grateful for having found this podcast. Amy Johnson talks with different experts or even on her own about spiritual life, environmental change and personal development, which makes it an overall podcast that improves you on many levels.