Poetry on a ride through Holland #1

He’s the boy who wanted to climb the Oudenkerk (old church)

to have the perfect view of the Delftian sunset

up there you would have a 360° degrees view

over the city

that seems more like a village to me

He’s the boy who builds lamps out of copper, glue & metal

while drinkin‘ Heineken

letting one disturb

by a girl

photographed his cat

she posed better than it could have been pictured

His voice sounded soft – wanna go outside?

His cat named after a former queen – her majesty indeed majestically

how the black clockwork soaked in a gentle tone of evening’s honey

The bell rings a song for

eleven o’clock

let’s sit inside, it’s getting colder

watch hands still give a slight shimmer of gold into the street

Are you sure you don’t want a beer?

we hear billie eilish songs coming

from the music box

Do you always greet stranger here?

No actually not.

people dress up fancily when

they go to dine in restaurants

but it’s more showing off, he tells me smirking

that night I run like hell is behind me

laughing into the darkness & the lights that make everything look magical

I fell in love with a cat

rather into a whole set of memories