The longest route we took – #3 poetry from Holland

rain whenever we leave a door from the inside – it’s Murphy’s law, I think

fall into the weather, thought it’s on our side

a never ending dream, would be boring to tell that it was sunny throughout

didn’t want my life ever to be boring so I guess I have to live with

the rain pouring in my face, wet pants and stains never leave

every push into the pedal like a challenge, just a little more, just for now

it wasn’t easy but now there is something to say for the question how it has been

bikini and sweaters in one bag describe it perfectly

the moment the sun appears from behind the clouds

it feels like my smile appears from the back of my face & my soul begins to jump

when the atmosphere starts rolling inside the last sun rays of the day – I can feel how much I love the world I live in

the golden hour makes me feel so warmly welcomed

in a city I have never been before