About life lessons from this week

Do you know that moment when you wake up and the sun shines already through the curtains and you feel instantly happy? No? Then you should read along. If you would answer yes, keep reading, too.

(Warning, the beginning might not have anything to do with the following)

This week’s over and it is time to make a short review: What has happened? What needs to be done in the future and what lessons are learnt?

Now, actually I planned to this every week but as with everything we are not really into making good habits stick at least the majority of Homo sapiens sapiens. Funny fact besides, in my last post „Radical changes“ I told you about me vowing to not overeat, well the same day I hit the line again. That showed me once again that we need time to adapt to things, to behaviour and to notions we set for ourselves. Probably this is one lesson that I learned this week. The week of the first September days… Who else is not used to wearing jackets? I was very much hit by the date, that more than half of 2020 is over now. We are still stuck in the Corona pandemic and people are still grumping around when the waiting line takes a while. My mum told me just yesterday „The worst things of life are waiting and running for.“ She totally got me because I am waiting for mails and letters, approvals hopefully and run to meet appointments on time. It seems like we are never on time. Or maybe sometimes we get that train/bus/car breathing fast but with a smile that we made it, at least some achievement.

I remember how I walked to the next big store to buy a ladder, it took me a while and on my way I came across a school, a sports field where pupils were running for the sake of getting good grades and I wondered what kind of stress is worse. The one you have in school with all the pressure and the hunt for grades or the problems you have with authorities, money and buying-a-ladder-to-do-other-stuff-issues. I came to the conclusion that none of them is better or less worse than the other. Both kinds of problems are worth to be taken serious, they just have their own type of bad. The same goes with judging the strains of different work. Physical work like in agriculture or in building sectors is hard just like work where a stable mind is required. Both types should not be underestimated just because they are different. We can find this kind of mistake in thinking in many other fields. Basically, you should always rethink your own thoughts.

What else? I would like to show you what I found interesting and inspiring this week:

For several weeks I read the book „Think Like An Artist“ by Will Gompertz (not Amazon) and I fell in love with the stories he told about artists he met and researched about. Now I recommend this book to anyone who is and wants to be creative and this is actually everyone, no matter whether you are or want to be an artist! (First lesson from the book)

Let me know in the comments If you want me to give some more details and main ideas on my Book Blog.

Another thing that is glued to my mind is an arts project by Jirka Vinse Jonathan Väätäinen who crafted the famous painting „The Girl With The Pearl Earring“ out of waste!

Now with this beauty I want to finish my this week’s review. Leave me a comment whether you would like me to do the same next week. Stay well and I hope you won’t stick to your phone too much 😉