The solution to the problem is inside

Do you remember what you ate for dinner exactly one week ago? Take a moment and try to remember what was the last Sunday like? Did you relax, did you clean up or had a movie marathon? I cannot believe that the memory that seems to be so vivd is past a week now. I have been at my parents‘ home for example, making salad and talking on our balcony.

Now, I know it’s Monday all over again and the cities are vibrating with cars and traffic, people hurrying to their jobs and appointments. Everything needs to function again but still I very much hope it is not too late to make a short review of last week.

Taking only yesterday, when I lost the key to my bike I could actually learn so much from that. I had my bike bound to my friends‘ one and we were in the centre of Berlin a hotspot for kleptomaniacs and people who are crazy on stealing bikes. Now, my bike is from Swapfiets and so I knew that I would figure it out somehow. Sure it would be hard and I needed to deal with all the consequences but it was still better than having lost the key from your own bike. We still searched for that little key on the whole marketplace but nothing. „Come on, let’s have a cup of ice cream“, I said to my friend and we said down at a cafe. Sure, we were down and upset but still I managed to not freak out completely. Then I looked through every pocket of my bag and felt that plastic piece of key that made me jump up and cry out so that people turned around. We ran to our bikes and freed them from the chains of that kind of karma. I had the solution to this problem all the time with me, when we asked people and security if they have seen a key, it was in my bag ever since. I was so glad to not have made such stress to myself because of tha bike and only because I knew it was not actually mine.

I got detached from the possessions I have and for the first time I actually felt how good this is.

This is such a brilliant metaphor for various issues because not seldom we hold the solutions to our problems inside of us, inside of the problem maybe even.

This may not sound like a revolutionary thought but only when I really experienced this it hit me. It’s a difference whether you read and hear from things or actually live them but sometimes it’s better to read and listen to not make the same mistakes. This what we’re here for, right? So, next time I will always cling the key to key chain..

Week number 37 of 2020 was my week of slow mornings – usually I get up and have my morning routine but this week I listened to my body and stayed in bed for a bit longer, skipped my workouts and relax, this is absolutely necessary too and oftentimes I have to persuade myself of this. And when there are days when it is just not working out, when the day seems loose because I myself feel weak and bah, I remember how I told myself then to just be mindful of what is happening around yourself. How the weather is like, people are walking and cars are constantly driving in different directions. Just noticing this as a matter of fact and feeling the life buzzing around you. One day I came to think what I would write don about this day and pitifully I have this thought only one day but it’s worth keeping up, especially if you also want to write more.

Ask yourself: What would be worth writing down about this day? What kind of story (or description) can I tell?

It can be simple but beautiful things, like the smile of a person you saw in the train. The flowers that are laid out in the early morning by your nearby florist. The smell of pizza from a restaurant during your bike ride back home in the evening.

With those hopefully helpful thoughts I want to let you into the week and wish you a wonderful refreshing start!