Change with all senses

I feel like in October there is a lot of change going on, maybe this is a personal view as I have a lot of new things beginning ( new working place and starting with uni) but also outwardly there are shifts and new perspectives.

We have become fatigue of this endless same cycle of listening to the news (or not) and accepting what is happening. It is time to stop, it is time for new thoughts, for new explorations and completely new discussions. The question of how the coronavirus is going to affect our lives is still up to date, more than ever actually because I feel like everyone is talking about another lockdown and a new wave. However, fear is not the right way to deal with all these things, neither is anger or aversion.

Maybe acceptance is not the ideal word for it but we can learn from nature in this case ( and actually in many other cases). In her podcast „Unchangeable“ Dr. Amy Johnson has asked experts about the parallels between humans and trees. This one episode has opened my eyes and shifted my perspective completely. Now, every time a problem occurs I live and deal with what I have. The metaphor of a tree continuing to live after a branch broke or a dry period gives me hope and motivates me to continue with whatever I have to deal with.

What do I want to say? The thing is, most of the changes do not happen rapidly or immediately. Change is coming just like we alter, like the climate worsens – bit by bit. So, it’s really good to move into a direction you want to see yourself.

I have for example started to meditate again ( I know it is not the first time) but intervening this habit and making sure I know why I do it (jot down your ow set of benefits) it’s easier to get into it.

Also, I still do procrastinate things that I actually enjoy just now I came up with treats I make myself when I have accomplished a task. (Tasks I enjoy but do not find time for, like painting).

Another thing that has to do with change was narrated by a farmer where we (BUNDjugend Berlin) could take some leftover vegetables from the fields. He told us a lot about the soil and the changing conditions for plants. We have never had so little micronutrients in it and therefore so little micronutrients in our food. Everything is changing and the climate change may not be the worst we have to face.