What I learned for now

There are always new things where I think „Oh okay, I hope I won’t make this mistake again“ and oftentimes when time passed I make the same mistakes ( at least some) and I bet I am not the only one. So, it’s really helpful to write down lessons I have learned each week. So far, surely that’s not everything and we learn a lot each day without noticing. When we read, when we listen and when we mindfully observe our thoughts – activities we shall never quit in the best case.

I have learned hopefully ones for ever to

always cook through any kinds of beans and legumes – your gut will thank you


never wear white shoes in a forest or when you intend to go for a walk

I just happened to notice that while I made notes for this post in the forest, during a walk

That’s why the next point I gave to myself as well and want to share it as well, soomething we often neglect even though it is so important to every human being.

Take in some greens

Sure, you could eat spinach every day. That’s cool, maybe.. But taking one day a week when you consciously go out for a walk and surround yourself with trees and a green environment will be easier, hopefully. I am still impressed every time how relaxed and fresh I come out after a walk through a park or forest. Though, most people forget to turn off their phones and still have phone calls and streaming sessions while walking a dog or pushing a buggy. If you have a dog, be grateful for this life you are allowed to care for and truly feel that you are having a walk with the dog – not with your phone.

Level up, would be to choose a different wood or park each week ( I’ll try, who else?).

Never rely on plans

Another lesson, that I have learned not only this week but also before is to never rely on plans (like activities) you have created. Unfulfilled expectations will damage your mental stamina, so it’s better to be flexible. Change your plans and change them all over again and still have a good time.

Tidy up every day

Tidy up every day, this is so important and we often forget it. Tidying up your living space clears your physical space as well. Many of my ideas arouse when I was cleaning the kitchen and at the same

Think further

Now, we have that ability in comparison to animals to think of consequences and the future. This week I have not used this actually very useful tool accordingly. I have thought of the future, yes but when I planned to pick up a book shelf second hand I didn’t think of how I would transport it. Easy, I would just.. what, take a 2 metres high shelf into the train? Alone? I was quite naive. For this one there might be another lesson learned: Ask for help if you need it. I did need help and puh, I was so glad I received it.

On this blog you can find several posts with integrated lessons I have learned so far, I just haven’t come up with a system so far but feel free to browse..

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