lockdown poetry for the afterworld

I stepped outside & it felt as if

I have been away for decades

smarties laying down my way

as if to beat the greyness

eager to tell me what I missed

since I was unwilling to leave

my place, too shy of the cold

no time & sense to even walk

the neighbourhood

how long have I been away?

I asked a pigeon

not for too long but it felt as if

decades have gone by

in my little place with blue shining light

on my face all the time

& i wondered how people would look back to this

a never ending

waiting on a bus station

to finally leave the place

leave the world we call internet

& live the term, we are so bad at defining


we raise generations that do not see

farther than a rectangular screen

virtual trees & virtual breeze

outside is the harm, let’s stay inside

until our eyes fall out of our skull