How to stop time #1 December special

Puh, this is so exciting and I cannot wait to share a series with you for December. Even though, I am quite upset that we have December already again! Some days ago I realised Christmas will be in a exactly one month and that I wished November had one more day, jus so we could shift all this for one day. But would it be worth living then I we got the same date every day? Could one day change how we think and behave? It’s at least only one day.. The ability to stop time, what an interesting superpower that would be. But, we do can influence our perception for time and also

One day can change a lot.

I remember my New Years resolutions, do you? I haven’t taken mine very seriously just as everybody else, I guess, and I don’t think it’s time to prepare new resolutions for January if we won’t take them serious anyway. We can start all over again every day anew. It doesn’t matter what day we have, may it be a Sunday that you decide to take a new habit or try out something you haven’t before.

This leads me to the December series I want to launch. Having read the wonderful book The Art Of Stopping Time (about which I have written also earlier on this site), I really wanted to spread all these wonderful ideas and thoughts by Petra Shojai. So here we go!

I will shortly present one advice from the book that I found very remarkable each day until the 24th December. Maybe I will do it the whole month because it is not all about Christmas, especially for atheists.

Todays prompt is called Life Garden

Choose values you want to water today.

Choose values you want to water and grow this month.

Choose values you want to water, fertilise and grow the next year.

The key is to be precise. I noticed that I have set goals and values but I have never been very precise on them.

Saying I want a job or I want to to be healthy ( values are therefore profession/work and health) is too unclear and doesn’t offer the necessary vision you actually need.

Visualise your aims that apply to your values. Really feel and see yourself in this state vividly. What actions do you want to take today to come closer to your aims and values?

Take small steps, more is not necessary because every day is a unit for your life and your life matters. So, do what matters but do it in harmony with yourself.