December special #2

Prompt number Two as it is the 2nd December (as a friendly reminder) inspired by the Book The Art of Stopping Time goes following.

Sitting Time

Have you ever noticed how long you sit over the course of the day? For many people this accords to basically most of the day.

Natuarlly we are not made to sit, our ancestors our very old ancestors in the Stone Age did not sit and you might have noticed that your body starts to ache after a long time of sitting. Our posture changes when sitting for a long time and especially in a wrong way.

So for today or the next day try to not sit for a whole day.

Surely there are moments when you need to sit for example when driving a car or when it has to do with your work but apart from this you can become conscious of the time you spend in a sitting position. Only then you really feel how your body feels about it. In the first time it can be challenging when you sit down automatically but really think about why you want to sit right now. Maybe it is better to lay down when you need to rest or walk it out. Listen to your body and do not sit for a day!

You can write in the comments how it worked out or if you tried t already in the past! We are happy to read

Have a wonderful day