December special #3

I know I am being a bit late but who care – somewhere on Earth it is still the 3rd December. So here comes prompt number 3 and it is called

When to lie low

The last post was about sitting but today is not meant to be spent laying down all day.

Today’s prompt is rather about doing what feels best for you. So, take time to tune into yourself and ask what is it what your body wants right now. Slow down and observe your energy levels. Mostly we are rushing from one task to the next – but where do we hurry to? What is the sense of doing everything so fast?

Today is about slowing down or getting your heart beat up, depending on what you feel and need today. For many it is another hour of sleep, for others it might be a HIIT. The trick is to sense what is best because there is no use in pushing yourself to levels your body is not capable of in the long run. When we are in this rush of work and sleep and work and sleep, we don’t even recognise that we burn out.

Have fun trying it out prioritising your mind & body