Knowledge we have, but are not aware of

I haven’t been very active lately. The continuity isn’t as I expected but I guess no one really cared to read everything anyway. If you interested to know, I haven’t been very productive in the past days but still those days have been quite enjoyable anyway. How could I make this possible?

As I knew that I was health wise not very stable, I told myself that I needed to be extra caring to myself and except how I feel. This is the most relieving thing I could do. Being understanding for what your body and mind needs right now.

For me, it was taking breaks whenever I didn’t feel concentrated. Doing some stretching, meditation or autogenic training. (Autogenic training Is similar to meditation with the power of your own mind influencing your state and body with your inner thoughts and mantras)

Also, it meant to take rest in form of a short nap or a walk outside. Besides, especially now when it’s quite ugly and cold outside and you first thought is to stay home and watch Netflix. Sometimes this Is totally acceptable but even if you might not think so, going out even when you averse it, can be the best things you can do. Explore your neighbourhood and take a walk even if it’s only 20 minutes.

In the past weekend I have written down every half an hour or so what I did or what I am working on. This helped me a lot to get clarity on my day and my activities and see where I spend most of the time.

A day is meditation itself, work is meditation, cleaning the dishes and cooking is meditation as well. This thought occurred to me very spontaneously even though it was always there. Those kind of thoughts are so enormously important and even more to be consciously aware of. We know so much but we are not aware of the most knowledge we inhibit.

Another of such notions is that we are reliable on a community. We need people close to us and contacts around us. Even when we cannot meet them in person we need to reach out to our friends (and family) to avoid feeling lonely. A day can be of so much more worthiness when it is shared at least for some time with another person you like.

Rupi Kaur put it wonderfully but she is not the first to realise this – we all did at some point this year

When this is not enough inspiration for motivation for you then I will offer you another lesson from „The Art of Stopping Time“

Appreciating Noise

Today or Tomorrow, take some time to stop and listen to the noise around you. What can you hear? How does the noise make you feel and where could it come from. This can take one or two minutes of your day but you will dive into the space you are in and makes you more aware of where you are.

Namasté and have a wonderful peaceful time