Family Time – not just on Christmas

What wouldn’t we do for our family? What would be without our family? The argument same blood would obligate to stick together in all times and crimes. Nowadays, we know the reality is different and hopefully those chains are being loosened more and more.

The closest family may be the people who you spent your childhood with and who shaped the way you are now but you are not in any case obligated to serve them just because they raised you. Mothers and Fathers shall not force you to care for them if they retire, you are not obligated to do so just because they have born you.

However, your parents are still most often the people who know you in a way no one else does and are the ones to help you out when no one else does. At least, I know that my parents can be mad at me but still pick me up from anywhere when it is late night and nothing running. I will never forget how my father ones drove me to the airport in the early morning knowing that he worked late last night. When everything falls apart and my kitchen is on fire (just kidding) I will first call my Mum because  know she has always an idea what to do.

Saying thank you to them would never be enough to explain how much I am really thankful to have them, even if there are nerve-taking moments and difficult conversations but everyone knows it is never easy.

Taking the time to spend time with your family or showing your parents and friends that you love them does not need to be on a special occasion. For example, I know that it is worthier to help my Mum out and show her my love the whole year than just on Mother’s Day.

And showing love does not have to be super expensive (not at all actually) or take a lot of effort and time. Simply calling your grandma or grandpa once in a week asking how they are or your siblings, friends and parents. Showing up when they need help, not buying Christmas presents that dot on a shelf. 

When you decide to do them good then it feels so much better doing it out of your own inner self. Todays hint from „The Art of Stopping Time” is about family time but I want to extend it to friends as well, since we have friends that are as important as family. 

Today (or more than one day) bring your attention to the people you are closest to. Maybe it helps to write down the names of the people you feel most connected to so you know which relationships you can rely on. Spend time with your family and friends and really be in the present moment when spending time together. Show them your love and caring and simply enjoy what is to come back.