What I read in a lifetime// Books you can but should read

It has been a while since I have written about books although winter is the best time to read and catch up with your to-read-list. Today I want to present some novels that I haven’t read though have been recommended to me or simply essentially to be read.

What do you read currently?

I have „A Room Of One’s Own“ by Virginia Woolf laying on my bedside table for quite a while now even though it’s not thick. Do you read books like an exquisite chocolate bar? Bit by bit. Wel, I guess I do that with Virginia Woolf. That does not imply that this essay is not worth reading or even unrecommended. The opposite is the case because it Does not feel like reading a scientific writing but you get to research with the protagonist what is the case with women and writing and fiction and all the connected issues in the past centuries. Questions like „Why have women been prohibited to write or have an artistic occupation?“ „Why do women get paid less for the same work? Why isn’t their work seen as serious as men’s?

So, of course the book was written in the past (1929) and describes the situation in the 19th century and before. Still, its content is of importance today as well.

Apart from this, there are many books that are as important to have read as the „The Room of One’s Own“. Considering this, it’s not bad to read anything you have but it does make a difference of you read a news or social media feed and articles about topics you are interested in. It is therefore a difference to read those cheap novels that are sold next to the newspaper stand and classical profound literature. Nothing wrong with both sides but a balance between both just as with everything is absolutely crucial.

Let’s get to my recommendation!

1. 1984 by George Orwell

Now, this is an absolute classic and quite relevant today. At least, many magazines and newspapers claim so It plays in a dystopian environment in which there is found governmental strict surveillance and propaganda. Winston Smith, the protagonist, is member of a Party he does not life and wants start a rebellion. I am curious because the novel has been recommended to me several times, though I have still not read it.. I hope very much that I won’t die before having read it just as all the other books that are on my list.

2. The Great Gatsby

Did you know this novel was rejected by the public and criticised intensively? Only decades after F.Scott Fitzgerald died the last copy of his masterpiece was reprinted and became an absolute success. In the beginning of the 2oth century it was seen as insignificant as this cheap novels from the kiosk. I would enjoy this classic rather n summer but it is completely individual. Shame on me that I have seen the movie already but not read the novel.

3. The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

This one I have read already though I could recommend it to anyone and maybe even read it again.

For a brief summary you can watch the film trailer though keep in mind that the book is always better than the film! 😉

4. Trick Mirror – Jia Tolentino

Another essay but I can tell you it is an absolute fantastic collection writing. How can I say? Well, I must admit I have started this book but never finished because I just cannot read books online. It is not part of classic literature since it has been published in 2019. So it’s actually a very personal recommendation to myself since I am interested in social issues and contemporary feminism. If you are too then you will love this book.

5. Atomic Habits – James Clear

This one seems to be a very famous book and I was recommended it by several people.Though I am a bit skeptical concerning the title because habits are surely a key component to success but not only. And it is general knowledge already that habits have a great power on our goal achievement. Give it a try, I thought. Maybe it will change your life.

6. Tolstoi And The Purple Chair – Nina Sankovitch

Another book I have read already but just need to include here because it was one of the best book sI have ever read. Also, it gives you a wonderful insight into classical literature if you might be uncertain what to read or whether what you want to read would be appropriate for you. The story or rather the real situation deals with mother having lost her sister and therefore prescribes herself one book a day for a whole year. You get into the memoir of her journey in which she tries to take wisdom and healing from reading. It couldn’t be more beautiful!