Inside a flower

We sit entangled 

Hidden in bloom 

A Lillie, I think

Touching the inner walls 

Light flooded

Your heart seems so much more tender

Than you use to show 

Strangers coming & I seem not to be one of them 

For water has made me to be 

The calling that arises from within 

A stubborn feeling it is called 

A heart pound for me   

So well 

that ink gets close to end

my walls vibrate & we are still staring silently 

I have never seen your eyes 

drenched in tranquility 

thrown over

the bomb might not explode today 

the blooming flower not open 

one day I will know better 

I will know more 

And so I will laugh about having been 

Stupidly anxious about it all 

We lost our silence 

It was indeed 

Better to talk to someone 

Than to imagine 

Anything more

Beyond the reach of 


Still in porcelain hands of one another 

I wished secretly to sleep 

In the blossom of this flower 

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