Unusual Shifts In Life

Today’s post is a bit different from all my others because I want to share some news – exciting or not, I am not sure yet. The dramatic story of me trying to go abroad for a while has been an on going journey since I was fifteen. With finishing school ( I can’t believe it’s soon going to be a year!), I finally wanted to take the opportunity to experience a new culture and get the biggest input of my life. Now, that sounds exaggerated but as the pandemic came into my plans, the opportunities for a time abroad diminished. I was still trying to apply for anything I could get at the volunteer organisation I am in. And so even after I cheered for having been approved, there was still a giant uncertainty where I would end up, if, at all. I got asked if I wanted to be send to Greece and I said yes, immediately. „Are you sure, you don’t want to sleep a night over this?“, the woman asked on the phone. „Nop“ And even after the commission picked me for the Geopark Chelmos Vouraikis in Peloponnes, I still had no certainty over the situation because I could get a mail with „We are sorry to tell you that the borders have been closed due to the pandemic and you are not allowed to start your volunteer ship“

Now as the departing date comes closer and closer, I need to plan, I need to get my mindset to the idea that I am going. And so as you see, the (exciting) news come with a foot in the exit door.

What’s next?

Of course, I am not going to leave this blog abandoned, rather the opposite, I want to write on this blog about everything that comes my way and surely also share photos (though I am more active on Instagram concerning photos).

Mainly, I think, I will share a lot of information and illustrative writing on the blog of my orgaisation „kulturweit“ It is a German-based international organisation working tightly with UNESCO. As they have offered me to write about my journey on their platform, I totally recommend you to check it out since volunteers from all around the world share their experiences in different countries. Note, that all the blogs are written in German, but you can still give it a try!

You can find my blog under kulturweit.blog/lorbeeroliven/ but I will keep the address up, so you can follow along any time.

Thank you for reading until here, I wish you all the best, stay curious & excited as me