Escape your own cage & read Untamed

The reason I am not posting Book Reviews that often is not because I don’t read. Or at least consume words and literature. We all do, hopefully in some ways but dedicating your time to a book may seem challenging nowadays as there seems to be less time. We assume so. We just have different priorities throughout our days and if reading is none of them that’s fine. It’s just important to get yourself a book anyway from time to time. And if you’re not into the act of reading, it is so nice sometimes to occupy yourself with an audiobook. I love listening to audiobooks read by the author. It gives the whole novel a more intimate and more personal touch.

Glennon Doyle is one of those authors that stick to my ears and even echo in my mind when I put down my head phones. Finally I got to listen to her memoirs „Untamed“ – a novel, many people were talking about last year when it came out. At first, I was not sure what the fuss was all about but being nearly halfway through the audio book I absolutely can relate.

The story starts with a cheetah being shown to the public as tamed wild animal. This cheetah becomes an ongoing metaphor of the author herself and women in general. Doyle narrates not only her autobiography that is filled with disappointment, distrust by her husband and the struggling love to herself but gives the reader his own capacity to reconsider beliefs and cages we tend to throw over ourselves or worse being put into cages by others and society. „Untamed“ describes how the author changed throughout life from behaving like women supposed to without making any issues to doing what feels right and what the heart longs for. For Doyle this meant leaving her husband, stoping the abuse of her body and starting a different form of love. Following her voice through the chapters when she talks about her children and her thoughts and feelings, I got to learn so much about motherhood and my life as well. It gives you the feeling to be educated about social constructions once again even if we think we know them.

It cannot be emphasised more that this memoirs are not just for women! This novel is crucial for men just as for women. Understanding what it’s like to never love but show love, understanding why men need to be strong and fearless, understanding why women need to be tamed, why mothers need to sacrifice – this novel reveals those contradictions in our society and tries to explain phenomena that seem to be inexplicable.