Challenge in Circumstance

My mindset has changed like my environment – is there a connection? Not to be denied in any way! Changing people and challenges are the main part of growing and I am now sure that you can also challenge yourself in different ways to get out of your comfort zone and discover yourself. I was surprised about traits I didn’t know about myself before.

One thing might be:

If you want to challenge yourself and grow your character – move in with a stranger. Preferably with a different gender

I remember walking around the village wondering why I didn’t produce so much, why I wasn’t being creative. I pushed myself to do something when all I needed to do was sit back and wait and let all of those impressions come my way without forcing anything. Bit by bit I would write and draw then with little breezes (not even saying waves) it came to me. And still I se all of this, every day, a meditation, every time I walk around or need to wait for something.

It is very uncommon in Germany, in my regular life, to not know what was to do and what was to happen. Since being in Greece I learned to let everything occur when it would. When we were told to come at 10am the next day, we didn’t know what we were about to do or how long we would be away. No one knew. Sometimes in the very beginning we asked where we were driving. The ranger shrugged and laughed – it didn’t matter. This is only one beautiful thing that lets you ease into the day. Don’t ask me, if it’s a Tuesday or Friday or the exact date or time. it doesn’t matter too much. It is now and no more.

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