where are we being us

everything seems like we’re in a movie 

the landscape rushes outside the window 

& i observe silently how the scenery changes 

how the mountainshapes alter and

rocks and stones change colours like a song

i follow the lines of the road with my eyes 

each time i catch myself thinking how tiny and trivial we are 

a movie character, self-deluded thoughts and actions 

just a player in a game & then it stroke me once again 

that i am experiencing, every day, the graceful beauty of greece

being here in the midst of it all

living what decisions and effort brought me to

maria laughs from time to time but i don’t know what about 

it feels nervous & every time she talks greek to us she remembers half in a sentence

that we don’t understand

den pirasi – doesn’t matter, and then she smiles again

i sit in front, carl allowed me to & i felt jumping from inside 

so now i chill on a couch with the sun in my head 

i sip on coffee everyday i want and eat sweets i have never tried before

so i learn a language i have never intended to and try

to detach myself from the thought that i am being a tourist because

i am being more.