The Honey Inside Me

What can give me inspiration? 

Can it be a single leaf? 

Is it the singing of the birds? 

Or the playing of the children on the streets? 

The silent tapping of the cat 

Elegantly at the side walk 

Of the main 

Looking for something 

Like I am looking for 


& all the things I hope 

Will find me 

Before I die 

Though I’m dying every day

At the same time 

I find the gifts of life in my own 

Actions & reflections 

Of the souls around me 

& i don’t want to let myself 

Drown in sorrow

In hate or envy 

Because I know better 

not to cut into my own flesh 

& shy away the Human beings 

That can give me 

The purpose that I need to feel 

Although in the silence of my own 

I can hear the vast beauty 

The pictures in my mind 

The light & the play 

With The dark 

with all my senses I can take in

Nature that is 

Calling from within 

Honeysuckles on my skin 

Bees buzzing in my nose 

Spiders crawling on my knees 

Fireflies sitting on my toes 

I am part of the music in the orchestra of sounds

I am part of the kaleidoscope  that is being projected by the light

I am part of life on earth in all its diverse kinds