melting – poem

bubbles in my head

my face about to melt

what do I remember from the dreams I had

keep me distracted

flash up on the canvas

strawberries in my face

chocolate toes

while I’m running from a boat

I’ll keep you updated, get well soon

they talk while my head explodes

and my body screams

swollen pieces

I’m freshly squeezed

listen to it later

before you hear my mailbox me

coming from the depths of the telephone wires

when was the last time

you really touched someone

I wrote this when I was sick, laying in bed and realising that I haven’t written for weeks simply because I was too stressed out to even have any kind of creativity in my life. Probably, this was also the reason why I got ill. I didn’t even recognise how much I was trapped inside this cycle of rushing from one point to the next and trying to be everywhere at the same time while studying at university. I forgot to let my soul breathe for a while, I forgot to take time to just do the things I like without considering an outcome. Please remember this. Listen to your needs before it gets too late.