I use to ask myself so many things and often the first step to getting of know this world is start being curious and ask questions.

Here is my log of questions that grows with every thoughtful face I make when I stumble across something I don’t know

Question log

What do I want and what does the society makes me want?

Would the human species still exist if animals (fish etc.) would be a bit smarter?

Can quotes change the world?

What does clothing/fashion do with people?

How does just being in the moment or doing nothing can make us happy?

Does it help to question things?

Why do we have to know?

Is happiness the real goal of life?

Is there a place where humans have not been by now?

When does love start?

Where do all the lost letters go?

What would make a better story?

Add your own questions to this log

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messages from memories – poem

you are the mirror of the moon behind the glitter of images  knowing that when i look up to  dazed i am  to miss your voice  you know how much  you are  in the nights i wished  to sleep with your whisper inside  my ear  those days you call me  just to say how a…


midnight walks

i call you back  with strings detached the street lamps burn  so the mosquitos & moths  Can come  to see & follow the light  looking for  my toes in front of the  deep blue sky  i count my blessings  & how many days are left for  another life to live  yet i know how much …


inside a buzzing stovetop

we are lost in the heat of the city between hooting cars & taxis  buzzing like people looking for a peaceful spot  on the edge of a kerbside  feeling the blues when  the sky fades in a shade of pink &  the colour of aperol spritz  fizzy & tired the day leaves by  full of…