I use to ask myself so many things and often the first step to getting of know this world is start being curious and ask questions.

Here is my log of questions that grows with every thoughtful face I make when I stumble across something I don’t know

Question log

What do I want and what does the society makes me want?

Would the human species still exist if animals (fish etc.) would be a bit smarter?

Can quotes change the world?

What does clothing/fashion do with people?

How does just being in the moment or doing nothing can make us happy?

Does it help to question things?

Why do we have to know?

Is happiness the real goal of life?

Is there a place where humans have not been by now?

When does love start?

Where do all the lost letters go?

What would make a better story?

Add your own questions to this log

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Pinafore_ poem

Lavished heart of yours makes me  shake like the windows in my room when the wind blows  Snow storms announce themselves  I’m blinded by the colour of your eyes and yet I am so calm  when I see you  My picture in your iris and I wonder what you think of me Like I always…


white and dark _ poem

snow was fallingyou didn’t even look backwhile the street lightthrew over the darka kaleidoscope shatteredto our facesI thought we criedbecause of the icecold tears on your face I felt like cryingbecause of the scenerybut nothing I thought I love youbecause of the scenerybut nothing out loudjust the silence of the snow fallinglike me into uncertainty…


restart on repeat

Fell out of bed with the promise to eat better this timeI will stop moaning to drink more coffeeJust like every day every year I vow to myself what I am incapable to keepStanding in line tingling with impatienceDid someone already think of me?Never check the phone first thing in the morning, how good that…